How to take Employee Photos

How to take Employee Photos

Taking photos of employees for a company website is not difficult but going from the results, you see on the internet, I think it is harder than people think. I have taken hundreds of employee photos for customers and here are some things I have learnt. Remember, professional level photos for a business are different from photos for a hen’s party in Bali, Ibiza or Newcastle.

  1. Do not use a smartphone – they are too light which makes

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Native Apps or Web Apps

Which are better? Well that depends, so here are some Pros and Cons

Pros of Native Apps

  • Work with the device’s built-in features, so perform faster and are easier to work with
  • Get full support from the relevant app store /marketplace
  • Users are familiar with finding and downloading from these stores
  • With app store approval, purchasers have a sense of safety and security
  • Native apps, with the SDK, provide good tools for devel

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Bring your own Device. Is there a dilemma?

The young students of today, whether in first grade or graduating from university, have grown up in a technological era. They will be familiar with iPads, smart phones….. they will also be expected to be technologically intelligent. For employers, this familiarity is a bonus, as young graduates come tech savvy to our office doors.

Is there a down side?

That depends…

  1. Do you require employees to use the technology you provide? No discussion!
  2. Ho

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UX Design in Simple Terms

So you’ve probably heard of the term UX (User Experience) Design, but are maybe not too familiar with the details involved in this, or what separates this from UI (User Interface) Design? So we thought we would provide a bit more insight into UX Design in it’s most simplest form.

User experience design isn’t a new term, in-fact it’s been around since the Early nineties when Donald Norman coined the phrase when joining Apple.

User Experience Design is the process of enhancing the c

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Going Digital in New Zealand

How is New Zealand faring in the transformation to digital? In March this year, iStart reported that “digital transformation is still in its infancy for most organisations in New Zealand”.Recent data from a Microsoft survey found:Full digital strategy implemented = 36%Limited or no strategy in place = 17%In Progress = 47%

What is “digital transformation”? It is the use of technology to radically improve the performance or reach of businesses and enterprises.

The requi

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