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Football Universe

Launching on Android & iPhone ready for next weekend. The ultimate game to play by yourself or with friends! Based on the English Premier League, the game has three options. Head to Head allows you to see your team’s chance of winning against a chosen opposition. Who will Win will crunch the numbers to predict what is going to happen.

The Team Pool lets you play with your friends. Create an account, invite friends to compete ag

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Gated recurrent units

Gated recurrent units (GRUs) are a gating mechanism in recurrent neural networks, introduced in 2014. They use a form of memory that allow them to learn from arbitrarily long sequences, and then use their memory to change previous predictions based on what they've seen in the sequence. The technology is used in music modelling and speech signal modelling.

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Project Brainwave

Last month, Microsoft unveiled their real time artificial intelligence initiative: Project Brainwave. The demo used Microsoft’s custom 8-bit floating point format (“ms-fp8”), which does not suffer accuracy losses (on average) across a range of models. The demonstration showed Stratix 10 sustaining 39.5 Teraflops on a large GRU, running each request in under one millisecond.

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Windows Update Preparing for Virtual Reality

An update to Windows 10, planned for October, will prepare systems for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) hardware. This could apply to 550 million devices. Associated with this is a security enhancement and new gaming features

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Microsoft’s Quantum Mechanics

Microsoft is 42 years old this year. From programming in BASIC on an Altair8800 computer, Microsoft has moved on to quantum mechanics.

At a recent conference in Orlando for corporate customers the CEO, Satya Nadella, announced the release of a new programming language for quantum computers. He said the technology would "help us tackle some of the biggest challenges we face" and suggested quantum computers would allow breakthroughs in energy and medicine.

What is the deal a

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Artificial Intelligence

Teaching machines to interpret data is an important component underpinning technology moving into the future. Technology will enable more complex forms of Artificial Intelligence that will be autonomous in their responses to input. Over the next ten years, the use of this kind of machine learning-based AI are likely to fall into two categories: improvement and exploration.

Improvement of daily life includes managing household tasks, self-driving vehicles, and robotic tasks. AI Explorat

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What’s different about our civil service?

New Zealand’s civil servants have a citizen-driven approach. “Some of that success is owing to the civil service approach to implementing technology based on customer personas and a careful examination of customer journeys.”

A key to this is almost universal internet penetration, which “implies a somewhat sophisticated citizenry which has the tools and the nous to not only seek and therefore drive electronic engagement, but also to use electronic services when provided.”

Kiwis ar

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Technology and a 7,000-year-old industry

We typically do not associate bees with technology. However, technology is enabling better ways of helping beekeepers boost their efficiency, yields and performance.

In the 21st century, the apiary industry is still unsophisticated at the rural end. Hives are established out in the back-blocks, bees do their thing, honey is collected and processed in factories. What’s to improve, when Manuka honey is lauded worldwide?

Consider technology to locate and manage hives, monitor produc

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“Face” has always been an important concept for the Chinese

Face-detecting systems in China now authorize payments, provide access to facilities, and track down criminals. Facial recognition can now provide automatic access to a building as well as monitor movements within an office or home space. Face recognition has the potential to transform everything from policing to the way people interact every day with banks, stores, and transportation services.

Face has now become more important… and not just for the Chinese.

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There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded. Mark Twain

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"I'm a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn't have the heart to let him down." - Abraham Lincoln

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Everyone has ideas

Some ideas seem to be great at first blush but don’t pass the longevity test. Others have wings from the beginning and continue to soar. Success comes from listening to ideas from any source. The first step is to encourage open communication without ridicule. A person must feel safe before bringing an idea to the table. Foster safety and reap success.

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If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

So, you have been using the same system(s) for a number of years and they are still performing as steadily as they always have. These systems are “good enough”. But, have you taken inventory and noticed that the needs of your organisation have changed in this “constant change” environment of business today. Are some systems outdated or, at best, “just hanging in”?

Avoiding risk is different to risk management. In today’s technical environment, doing nothing is not a the safe option.

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Technology out paces the legal system

Technology out-paces the legal systemHow quickly laws are outdated, especially when technology is concerned.The first Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) was enacted almost 31 years ago. This was when American industry’s technology, customer base and infrastructure were largely domestic. Today, technology is global.

Lawmakers did not contemplate the need to establish rules for law enforcement to access data belonging to non-local persons located abroad. No though was give

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Cognitive computing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) set out to make computers more useful, adding capabilities of independent reasoning. AI has a long pedigree, rooted in rooted in military science, statistics, philosophy, psychology, math and cognitive science.Subfields related to AI include:

Machine learning

The ability of a computer to analyse data and create models without explicit coding or instructions.

Neural networks

A system which looks to derive me

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Globalising electronic communication

Last year, the International Communications Privacy Act (ICPA) was introduced in the American senate. Specifically, “To amend title 18, United States Code, to safeguard data stored abroad, and for other purposes”.

Some points to consider:

  • Awareness of the legal obligations in other jurisdictions outside your own
  • Conflicts may arise between the user’s local laws and laws observed by the supplier
  • US Congress will (probably) serve as the primary model, w

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International Digital Civility Index (DCI)

This index measures consumers’ lifetime exposure to online risks. These risks are encapsulated into four categories: Behavioural, Intrusive, Reputational and Sexual. The results incorporate responses from adults and youth.

Intrusive: Unwanted contact (43%) was the main driver of Intrusive risks and had the highest incidence of any individual risk. This included unwanted contact, hate speech, and discrimination.

Behavioural: these risks (39%) were

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In the hands of the next generation

In April 2017, Microsoft announced the selection of the first Council for Digital Good – a group of 15 teens from across the country that will work with to advance digital civility and safer online interactions.

Digital Civility challenge

I embrace the challenge to be a leader in making the internet a better and safer place. I commit to do my part every day by living up to the four Digital Civility Challenge ideals:

I will act with empathy, compassion and k

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How to take Employee Photos

How to take Employee Photos

Taking photos of employees for a company website is not difficult but going from the results, you see on the internet, I think it is harder than people think. I have taken hundreds of employee photos for customers and here are some things I have learnt. Remember, professional level photos for a business are different from photos for a hen’s party in Bali, Ibiza or Newcastle.

  1. Do not use a smartphone – they are too light which makes

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Native Apps or Web Apps

Which are better? Well that depends, so here are some Pros and Cons

Pros of Native Apps

  • Work with the device’s built-in features, so perform faster and are easier to work with
  • Get full support from the relevant app store /marketplace
  • Users are familiar with finding and downloading from these stores
  • With app store approval, purchasers have a sense of safety and security
  • Native apps, with the SDK, provide good tools for devel

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Bring your own Device. Is there a dilemma?

The young students of today, whether in first grade or graduating from university, have grown up in a technological era. They will be familiar with iPads, smart phones….. they will also be expected to be technologically intelligent. For employers, this familiarity is a bonus, as young graduates come tech savvy to our office doors.

Is there a down side?

That depends…

  1. Do you require employees to use the technology you provide? No discussion!
  2. Ho

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UX Design in Simple Terms

So you’ve probably heard of the term UX (User Experience) Design, but are maybe not too familiar with the details involved in this, or what separates this from UI (User Interface) Design? So we thought we would provide a bit more insight into UX Design in it’s most simplest form.

User experience design isn’t a new term, in-fact it’s been around since the Early nineties when Donald Norman coined the phrase when joining Apple.

User Experience Design is the process of enhancing the c

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Going Digital in New Zealand

How is New Zealand faring in the transformation to digital? In March this year, iStart reported that “digital transformation is still in its infancy for most organisations in New Zealand”.Recent data from a Microsoft survey found:Full digital strategy implemented = 36%Limited or no strategy in place = 17%In Progress = 47%

What is “digital transformation”? It is the use of technology to radically improve the performance or reach of businesses and enterprises.

The requi

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