May 30, 2017
by Karen Renner

Bring your own Device. Is there a dilemma?

The young students of today, whether in first grade or graduating from university, have grown up in a technological era.  They will be familiar with iPads, smart phones….. they will also be expected to be technologically intelligent.  For employers, this familiarity is a bonus, as young graduates come tech savvy to our office doors.

Is there a down side?  

That depends…

  1. Do you require employees to use the technology you provide? No discussion!
  2. How do you handle the security of sensitive information, both your information and that of your customers?
  3. Are there processes in place if employees can Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)?
  4. Do you need to disclose to your clients if BYOD is your policy?


  1. A third of those who BYOD* connect to the company’s network via WiFi. That opens the office to outside intrusion.
  2. Half have allowed others to use their device.
  3. A third of users in the corporate environment do not utilize the auto-lock feature.
  4. A third acknowledge that data files are not encrypted.
  5. Two thirds note they are not part of the company BYOD policy.
  6. A quarter admit to being a malware or hacker victim.
  7. There may be incompatibility issues (version, configuration, platforms).

On the upside, employers can reduce costs and employees get that “feel-good” sentiment.  

(*US Harris Poll)