July 3, 2017
by Karen Renner

Cognitive computing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) set out to make computers more useful, adding capabilities of independent reasoning. AI has a long pedigree, rooted in rooted in military science, statistics, philosophy, psychology, math and cognitive science. Subfields related to AI include:

Machine learning

The ability of a computer to analyse data and create models without explicit coding or instructions.

Neural networks

A system which looks to derive meaning from undefined data. Interconnected units process information by responding to external inputs and relaying information between each unit.

Deep learning

This involved taking advantage of computing power and training techniques to learn complex patterns in large amounts of data. Think: speech recognition.

Computer vision

Pattern recognition and deep learning, used by machines to process, analyse and interpret images.

Natural language processing

This growing technology allows humans to communicate with computers using normal, everyday language to perform tasks.