May 24, 2017
by Karen Renner

Going Digital in New Zealand

How is New Zealand faring in the transformation to digital?  In March this year, iStart reported that “digital transformation is still in its infancy for most organisations in New Zealand”. Recent data from a Microsoft survey found: Full digital strategy implemented = 36% Limited or no strategy in place = 17% In Progress = 47%

What is “digital transformation”?  It is the use of technology to radically improve the performance or reach of businesses and enterprises.

The requirements for digital transformation are:

  1. A workforce that is digitally-skilled
  2. Appropriate government policies and ICT
  3. Technology leaders who are also business savvy
  4. Organisational leadership able to conceive, plan and execute digital transformation
  5. Appropriate regulations that support digital transformation 6. Encouragement of disruptors